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In 1864, Prescott Arizona became the territorial capital of Arizona. Today it remains an Arizona capital for antique and collectible hunters. Prescott is a pleasant 2 hours drive 100 miles north of Phoenix. It enjoys a mile high elevation and is normally 15 to 20 degrees cooler than Phoenix.             

It retains its small town ambiance with its central grass-covered and Elm shaded Courthouse Square. World famous Whiskey Row is on one side of the square. The original incarnation of Whiskey Row in a territorial gold mining town was a block long stretch of over 40 saloons in a one-block area on the ground floor with houses of ill repute occupying the second floor of most establishments. Luckily, it gained its name from the saloons rather than Prescott’s soiled doves or ladies of the night.             

The majority of antique shops and malls are on North Cortez Street, which is another street along the square running parallel to Whiskey Row. It is a half block walk from Courthouse Square. Sorry, but you will not find a mega antique mall in Prescott with several hundred dealers and rows of locked glass cases. This is antique hunting like it used to be. If your idea of great antique hunting is to get up close to some real antiques and collectibles then you will find Prescott to be an enjoyable experience.             

You can find a variety of antiques and collectibles in Prescott and which shop or mall you like best depends on what you collect and whether they happen to have what you are looking for when you are there. I have collected antiques for over 40 years and I have been going to Prescott antique establishments since 1995. I appreciate high-quality antiques in several categories and have designation several shops and malls in the following listing with the Prescott Rocks! “Best of Prescott Picks” designation:             

Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick


Besides the individual shops and malls, Prescott hosts antique shows, the next is: Antiques on the Square, on the downtown Courthouse Square, Sunday, September 26, 9am – 5pm – Free admission.            

Scenes from Antiques on the Square

Pleasant scene

Pleasant scene


Crowd at the show

Crowd at the show


Take me home

Take me home





Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick


In terms of full disclosure, my wife is the show manager.  Fifty plus dealers feature real antiques (no crafts). Held on the downtown Courthouse with its grass lawns under the shade of stately Elm trees. Call Liz at 928-899-6438 for details or view the listing at This show is held in June and September and it draws antique enthusiasts from out-of-town (buses typically travel from Las Vegas and Sun City to attend this show).  For people moving to Prescott with an interest in antiques, there are three Quester groups. These are antique study groups. Thumb Butte Questers sponsor Antiques on the Square and will have a booth at the show where you can get information on the Questers.          

Insider’s Guide to Prescott Antiques from A to Z

Have you thought about visiting Prescott for a day of Antiquing? Do you need a guide to the antique and collectible shops in Prescott? Maybe something a little better than the typical extraction from the Yellow Pages listings where you find some of the shops closed when you get there.      

Here is an Insider’s Guide to single owner shops and malls from a collector that lives in Prescott and who frequents these establishments. I have tried to focus on shops and malls that feature antiques and collectibles. Hence, I have not listed thrift stores, second-hand furniture stores, etc. I have also included information about places to eat or quench your thirst along the way.           


Off The Square Antiques

Off The Square Antiques


Tin Toys in the window

Tin Toys in the window


Antiques off the Square and Lost in Sports, 145 N. Cortez, 928-778-1040. Web site Open 7 days a week.           

Arizona Territory Antiques

Arizona Territory Antiques


Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick



Arizona Territory Antiques, 211 West Aubrey ST. This is a single owner shop with loads of quality small antiques. I always like to be tempted when I am shopping for antiques and this is a shop that will tempt most collectors. For example, the last time I was there a case of iridescent art glass including Tiffany Favrile and Steuben Aurene that caught my eye, including a very large Steuben Aurene vase. I also saw an Orange Julep syrup dispenser, lots or art glass, etc. Herb and Lila Cook are the owners. In Prescott for 28 years, they also conduct estate sales. 928-445-4656 Open Wed-Sat 10-4         

Avalon Antiques

Avalon Antiques


Avalon Antiques, 140 ½ N Cortez, 928-778-0481 Unique and fun antiques and collectibles. Great prices, Very eclectic. Open daily 10-5.      


Battermans Auction and Gallery in Prescott Arizona

Battermans Auction and Gallery


Batterman’s Auction, LLC, 400 W Gurley, 928-445-6787 In addition to being a full service auction company, they have a gallery and gunroom, open Mon-Sat 9-5:30, Sunday by chance. Web site          

Bayberry's Antique Dolls in Prescott Arizona

Bayberry's Antique Dolls


Some of Bayberry's dolls in Prescott Arizona

Bayberry's Dolls



Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick


Bayberry’s Antique Dolls,   

442 S Montezuma St Suite A, (928) 445-8559. Open 11-4 Wed-Sat or by appointment. Proprietor is Diane D. Vigne, email is, contact 928-308-3644 Diane has over 25 years experience buying & selling dolls! This shop specializes in dolls and doll repairs but also carries some interesting antique smalls. Web site:        

Bunkhouse Trading Co. in Prescott Arizona

Bunkhouse Trading Co.


Bunkhouse Trading Co., 135 N. Cortez, 928-848-2948 Old and new here, both antiques and crafts. Antiques are in the rear of the store.          


Crowded Attic Antiques in Prescott Arizona

Crowded Attic Antiques


Selection of antique phones at Crowed Attic Antiques in Prescott Arizona

Selection of antique phones


Crowded Attic, 131 N. Cortez, 928-443-7517 Ladies vintage clothing, car memorabilia & 1/18th scale model airplanes. Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4      

Cross Creek Antiques sign in Prescott Arizona

Cross Creek Antiques


Cut glass lamp at Cross Creek Antiques in Prescott Arizona

Cut glass lamp


Reverse painted lamp at Cross Creek Antiques in Prescott Arizona

Reverse painted lamp


Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick


Cross Creek Antiques, LLC, 1125 W Gurley, 928-776-0035 or 928-776-7220. Specializing in art glass, porcelain, Arts & Crafts Era pottery, prints, furniture, mirror, etc. Circa 1830-1970. Hours: Fri-Mon 10-5:30, closed Tues & wed Thursday by chance or appointment 928-776-7220. The owner is Ed Leware who is a member of one of the three Prescott Quester chapters and can answer your questions about Questers.          


Deja Vu Antiques Sidewalk Sign in Prescott Arizona

Deja Vu Sidewalk Sign


Déjà Vu Antique Mall, 134 N. Cortez, 928-445-6732. The owners are Diana/Linda.          


End Of Trail Antiques in Prescott Arizona

End Of Trail Antiques


End of Trail Antiques, 107 E. Gurley, 928-771-2759. Proprietor is Jim Bethe. Open Wed-Sunday 2:00-6:00pm.         


Gypsy Street Antiques in Prescott Arizona

Gypsy Street Antiques


Gypsy Street Antiques, 133 N. Cortez, 928-445-3176 A caravan of antique vintage and retro furniture, jewelry, pottery, books, old Christmas and salvage. Open 7 days a week.           


Keystone Antiques in Prescott Arizona

Keystone Antiques



Keystone Antiques Interior in Prescott Arizona

Keystone Interior


Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick


Keystone Antiques, 127 N. Cortez St. 928-445-1757. A multi-dealer mall that mall features high quality antiques and collectibles.   


Merchandise Mart Antique Mall in Prescott Arizona

Merchandise Mart Antique Mall


Merchandise Mart Antique Mall is located toward the North end of the row at 205 N Cortez (just past Murphy’s Restaurant), and features 15,000-sq. ft. of antiques and collectibles. It is the largest antique mall in Prescott and has 95 dealers. The owners are Jeanne & Jim Antonius. 928-776-1728 Web site Mon-Sat 10-5 Sunday 11-4  Email: 

Mid-Century Madness antiques in Prescott Arizona

Mid-Century Madness


Mid-Century-Madness, 140 N. Cortez, 928-778-0481.  Mid-Century and Danish modern furniture, textiles, art, lighting and accessories. Open daily 10-5.          


Ogg's Hogan in Prescott Arizona

Ogg's Hogan


Burris Silver Saddle at Ogg's Hogan in Prescott Arizona

Burris Silver Saddle on right



Navajo Jewelry at Ogg's Hogan in Prescott Arizona

Navajo Jewelry



Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick


Ogg’s Hogan, 111 N. Cortez, 928-443-9856.  The owner is Jeff Ogg. Do you like old southwest authentic Native American jewelry? You will love this place. Open 7 days a week. “Best of Prescott Pick” for their old Native American jewelry.               


Pennington's Antiques in Prescott Arizona

Pennington's Antiques


Pennington’s Antiques, 117 N. Cortez, 928-445-3748.  A 7,000-sq. ft. antique mall. This is a large multi-dealer mall and it has an eclectic assortment of antique and collectibles.  The owner is Belinda Trumbo. You might find a bargain here as I have in my antique pursuits.          


Red Lamp Antiques in Prescott Arizona

Red Lamp Antiques Best Prescott Pick


Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick





Red Lamp Antiques, 121 N. Cortez, 928-445-7899. Glassware, furniture, primitives, silver plate, sterling, napkin rings, pickle castors, R. S. Prussia – 58 years in antique business. Open every day.      

Food and drink



Grandmas Bakery in Prescott Arizona

Grandmas Bakery


Grandma’s Bakery is located at 207 W. Gurley just off Montezuma. It is in the lower level space of the Hotel St. Michael’s. If you like fancy baked deserts such as Napoleons and Éclairs then do not miss this.

Kendalls in Prescott Arizona



Kendall‘s is located at 113 S. Cortez and features Fifties music, décor and value. Made to order burgers, fries and an old-fashioned soda fountain.

Closet Cafe in Prescott Arizona

Closet Cafe


The Closet Café is inside the Downtown Prescott Inn at 129 N. Cortez. Breakfast starts at $2.50 and lunch starts at $5.00.

Raven Cafe in Prescott Arizona

Raven Cafe


Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick


The Raven Café is located at 142 N. Cortez (web site at ). Breakfast, lunch and dinner, 35 beers on taps with 135 beers in bottles. Free wi-fi. Check out the upstairs patio area.   

The Palace in Prescott Arizona

The Palace



Best Prescott Pick

Best Prescott Pick


The Palace is located at 120 S. Montezuma on historic Whiskey Row and is a bar and restaurant. If you can’t eat there at least stick your head in to check out the décor. The movie Junior Bonner shot some of its scenes inside and there is a very large Junior Bonner wall mural in the back portion.  

Additional Information

Here is a link to the history of Whiskey Row in Prescott Arizona. It also contains links to many of the businesses on the row Whiskey Row History Prescott Arizona.           

Photo credits   

All photographs by Jack D. Wilson. Unauthorized use prohibited without prior permission.   


If you found this guide helpful, please leave a comment or forward to a friend. If I missed something that you found along the way, leave a comment and I will try to update the information.           

Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass 1926-1980           

Jack D. Wilson first visited Prescott in 1995 and has been a resident since 2000. He has collected antiques for over 40 years selling a landmark collection of Millersburg Carnival Glass in 1982. He is the author of “Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass 1926-1980” and was an advisor for both Phoenix and Consolidated glass categories in Schroeder’s Antique Price Guide for over ten years. He is a founder of the Phoenix & Consolidated Glass Collectors Club – visit their Facebook page: Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass He also collects Muncie Pottery. He took a sojourn into politics and was the mayor of Prescott Arizona from Nov. 2007 – Nov. 2009.    

Prescott Arizona continues to receive recognition as a top retirement destination. Money Magazine started the trend with their article spotlighting Prescott in the 1990’s. It has continued unabated since then. The latest article is in Best 21 U.S. Places for Retirement in the Best Boomer Towns blog. Take a look at the article to see why people from all over the United States choose to retire in Prescott Arizona.

Mike Vax on trumpet

Mike Vax on trumpet


 The 10th Annual Prescott Jazz Summit will heat up Prescott on August 27-29 at multiple venues. This year’s theme is A Tribute to the Great BIG BANDS.   

Ballroom dancing added!   

The Prescott Jazz Summit is always eagerly awaited by jazz aficionados, but this year something new has been added – dancing! On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon there will be live music in multiple locations with ballroom dancing at Hotel St. Michael’s historic hardwood floor ballroom. Here is your chance to enjoy some great live music plus dancing!     

Friday August 27, 2010 – 7:30 – 10:30pm – $25.00   Three simultaneous concerts – one ticket is good at all concerts:    

  • Hassayampa Inn’s Arizona Ballroom (nightclub style)
  • Hassayampa Inn’s Marina Ballroom (nightclub style)
  • Dancing at Hotel St. Michael’s historic hardwood floor ballroom

Saturday August 28, 2010 – 1:00 – 4:00pm – $20.00     

  • Concert at the Hassayampa Inn’s Arizona ballroom
  • Dancing at Hotel St. Michael’s historic hardwood floor ballroom
      (one ticket is good for both)

Online information and tickets at Or call (928) 771-1268 for information. Tickets can also be purchased at the Hassayampa Inn (122 E. Gurley) or at the Prescott Chamber of Commerce (117 W. Goodwin ST).

I monitor a number of blogs focused on tourism promotion and came across a really interesting post on Joanne Steele’s blog, It asks the question Can The Arts Save Your Small Town?  I thought this was an interesting question because of the strength of Prescott’s arts community with such things as the 4th Friday Arts Walk, Elks Opera House Restoration and the new TIS Gallery.

Joanne starts “The topic of our monthly Revitalization Team meeting was to be art as an economic development tool. Who should appear at my info table at our small town summer festival but an expert in art towns!”

To see her very interesting post in it entirety, go to Can The Arts Save Your Small Town?

Prescott Tourism Tweets

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  • Our Twitter account is closing soon...please follow @visit_prescott for Prescott, Arizona related travel & tourism info! 7 years ago
  • City of Prescott 4th of July Extravaganza next Wed @ Pioneer Park: games, rides, music, fireworks & more! 7 years ago
  • Another edition of the Folk Sessions at the Highlands Center in Prescott this Sat: "Women in Song II", 7pm 7 years ago
  • Cowboy poets Chris Isaacs and Gail Steiger perform at Ben's Fine Art Gallery in Prescott, this Fri & Sat 7 years ago

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