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The Prescott – Caborca Sister City Committee was established in 1972, 38 years and nearing four decades ago. There has been a strong relationship between Caborca, Sonora, Mexico and Prescott, Arizona over that period.

Video trip recap

Technology today allows us to capture the moment almost anywhere and instantly publish those memories on the Internet. I carried my Flip HD video camera with me on this trip and used it to film the following videos.

I hope you enjoy these videos and maybe they will tempt you to join us as a member of the Prescott – Caborca Sister City Committee. Also see my related post Caborca, Mexico Official 2010 Sister City Visit with lots of photographs.

Friday, October 16 2010 – Welcome Fiesta

Saturday, October 16 2010 – Lunch BBQ at Guillermo’s House

Saturday, October 16 2010 – Noche Bohemia Casa de la Cultura

Sunday, October 17 2010 – Dinner and Dance sponsored by Mayor of Caborca

Photo and video credits

All photographs and videos by Jack D. Wilson. Unauthorized use prohibited without prior permission.


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Jack D. Wilson first visited Prescott in 1995 and has been a resident since 2000. He took a sojourn into politics and was the mayor of Prescott Arizona from Nov. 2007 – Nov. 2009. He now writes a couple of blogs and is President of the Prescott Frontier Days Community Service Foundation.