1158040_41178015 Tango Couple Silhouette

Are you an America Tango dancer?

There are still a few openings in the intermediate American Tango class taught by Andy Smith at Yavapai College. If you already know the basic steps in American Tango and would like to add additional steps, this class is for you. The cost is $67 for ten lessons!

Class Schedule

This class begins on Wednesday, November 2. It is class DAN 198-103 (CRN32452). It meets two nights a week (Monday and Wednesday) from 7:30/9:00PM for five weeks. Register online at http://www.yc.edu/ Any questions? Email Andy Smith at asmith32@instructor.yc.edu

Andy Smith doing an American Tango Demonstration

Andy and his dance partner Marilyn did this Tango demonstration at the fund raiser for the Yavapai College Jazz bands.