I am the former mayor of Prescott Arizona. I held that office for two years (Nov. 2007 — Nov. 2009). As an elected official you always needed to be careful about what you said and how you said it or it would end on the front page of the local paper the next day.     

Jack Wilson, former Mayor of Prescott Arizona

Jack Wilson, former Mayor of Prescott Arizona

Anonymous Cowards

I write this blog with my name front and center. I encourage comments as long as they avoid profanity, but only if you have the chutzpah to use your real name. If you hide behind a pseudonym, then take your comments elsewhere. 

I believe in the value of real discourse much as is done in the New England Town Halls. In those town halls, we get to hear and see each other during the discussion. If you are so unsure of yourself that you need to hide your identity, then this blog is not for you 

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While I was mayor I got involved with an ad-hoc group of volunteers looking at how to increase tourism to Prescott. I ended up on the Social Media Focus Group as I had worked 37 years in the Information Technology field. We put together a strategic plan for using Social Media to help tourism. This included a Twitter account (http://twitter.com/prescotttourism), a FLICKR account and a YouTube Channel. After my term as mayor ended, I started this blog. It was a way to share some of the great experiences in Prescott. The best part was that I could write from the heart.     

So, stay tuned as I write about what I love about Prescott. The Elk’s Opera House (circa 1905) is currently undergoing a full renovation and I will be doing a series on that. Our mountain bike trails are world-class and I will be posting some good videos on that. Of course, we have Courthouse Plaza in the center of downtown with Whiskey Row on one side. It once had 41 bars and almost as many brothels when this was a mining town. This is a town steeped in history and in an ideal mountain setting. When I retired I could have retired anywhere but I came to Prescott. Find out why by reading this blog.   

If you pass through Prescott, look me up. Maybe we can stroll down Whiskey Row and I can point out some of the history and introduce you to some of Prescott’s interesting people. Or we could share a cup of coffee and talk about the Social Media revolution.