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Prescott Arizona comes in at number two on this list. Click on the link, below, to read the full article and see why we rated higher than Sedona:

The New Best Places to Retire

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Gazebo on Courthouse Plaza in Prescott Arizona, photo by Jack D. Wilson
Gazebo on Courthouse Plaza, photo by Jack D. Wilson

Well, the votes for Prescott Arizona as a top retirement destination continue to pile up, the latest is from the prestigious Money Magazine’s 25 Best Places to Retire. Prescott Arizona came in at number four on this top retirement list.

Prescott has been scoring high as a retirement destination since another Money Magazine article identified it as a prime retirement spot in the 1990’s. That article was the start of a migration of retirees from across the country to Prescott Arizona.

The accolades since the initial Money Magazine pick of Prescott as a top retirement destination in the 1990’s continued to pile up – that list is really lengthy, so let us just look as the last one before the current Money Magazine pick. That would be Best Boomer Towns – Prescott: Best 21 U.S. Places for Retirement.

Lifelong Learning Program at Yavapai College

ABC 15 News picked up on the Money Magazine designation of Prescott Arizona as a top retirement destination. They interviewed Dennis Garvey, Director, Lifelong Learning at Yavapai College and here is a link to the story on the ABC 15 News website: Which AZ town ranks highest for retirees? or click on the video below:


So if you are looking for a retirement destination, you may want to consider Prescott. You could repeat my story as I started coming to Prescott in 1995 while still working for a major corporation in Chicago. I moved here in 2000 and then flunked retirement in November 2007 when I was elected mayor.

We have something for almost everyone in Prescott with our mild four-seasons climate. There are a number of other articles on this blog that provide insights into why Prescott is such a great destination, so come visit for a day or two or three or a lifetime!

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Jack D. Wilson first visited Prescott in 1995 and has been a resident since 2000. He took a sojourn into politics and was the mayor of Prescott Arizona from Nov. 2007 – Nov. 2009. He now writes a couple of blogs and is President of the Prescott Frontier Days Community Service Foundation.

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